Chart examples

Choropleth, Categories, Point and Pattern Fill map A choropleth map is a map that has been colored to represent the magnitude of a data value. The color or shade of the area indicates that the region is within a particular range of values as indicated in the key or legend. Financial and Stock charts Examples of Financial and stock charts Layouts Examples of layouts in everviz Tile, Honeycomb and Bubble maps A tilemap circle chart displays regional data in a format that resembles the geographical layout of the locations but where each region is represented by an identically sized circle. This provides a visual representation that maintains the approximate location information allowing any geographical patterns to be displayed. The circles are colored according to category or range and the key is provided in the legend. Area charts An area chart is similar to a line chart but with color or shading used to fill the area between the x-axis and the line. Data points are plotted against two variables on the x and y axes, and these are then connected by a line and the area below is filled or shaded. More charts Here are examples of miscellaneous charts created in everviz Bubble and Scatter plot charts A bubble chart is a variation on a scatter chart, but which uses the size of the data point to depict an additional variable. Like in a scatter chart, the data points are plotted on the x and y axes according to two variables. However, the size of the bubble is determined by a third variable, so that larger values are shown as bigger bubbles. Line charts A line chart is a type of chart which shows how two variables are related. The data points are plotted (similar to a scatter chart) and then joined with a line. A continuous data variable such as time or distance is plotted on the x-axis and the measurement or value is plotted on the y-axis. UK Election Column and Bar charts Both bar and column charts typically display categorical data and answer the question of “how many/much” for each group. In a bar chart, the data is displayed as horizontal bars (lines or rectangles), each with a length that is proportional to the value it represents. The category is displayed on the y-axis and the value is plotted against the x-axis. Pie and Donut charts A Pie chart, often refered to as Circle Chart, is displaying data in the shape of a circle. Each section in the chart resembles a slice of a pie and they all add up to 100%. Any individual slice will display its portion of the whole.
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