Data Value - How to add Dollar Sign and Comma

Hi, I’m having problem adding dollar sign “$” and comma “,” for thousand Data Value… I have the thousand seperator “,” on localization but its not working.

can someone help?. I’m trying to add Dollar Sign “$” on the value but the comma for thousand removed.

Hi Paul. You can try the following format for the value in data labels:

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 15.02.43

This will enforce the thousand separator.
More info here: Working with tooltips - everviz Knowledge Base?

Hope this helps! Cheers, Havard

Thank you so much. This really helps.


I’m also having the same issue, but when I use that string format I end up with a space before the comma

Hi @AidanSmith-Edgell I encountered the same problem. You may try to check Localization Tab. at some point its have default space on it. you must delete it first then add comma.

Hope it helps.

That worked! Thanks @PaulAnthony_Alvaran