Duplicating projects help - NOT WORKING

I’m trying to duplicate 2 charts, but it seems to not work.

My video shows me trying to figure 7 and 8, but it’s just not working, I then try to duplicate figure 6 and this works

desperate for help here please… i’d rather not create this chart type from scratch

Peace :v:

I’ve even tried duplicating to a theme, so i can just update the data, but that doesnt work either

Hey @Chris_Bicker

I can’t seem to load your video, but did a test on my end and can duplicate no problem. Although I have to click “refresh” in order to see the duplication. Also if you have a selected number of tags, you will need to remove those as the new duplicated chart no longer has tags associated with it. Something else you might want to check is if you are in a sub-team. I’m not sure that it duplicates to the sub-team and you might want to look for it under “All subteams”. Hope that helps.

Hi Chris. Are you still having issues with duplicate? I was not able to reproduce


Also not working for me.

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Hey @havard yeah, still not working, it only seemed to be an issue when trying to duplicate a certain set of charts.

In this instance, I had to create the chart from scratch (I can duplicate the newly created chart, which is odd)

It might be something specific to certain charts. I’m still unable to reproduce the issue. Could you share a chart URL the next time you encounter the problem? This would make it easier to troubleshoot.


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