Sankey chart renders a looped "flow" out of frame, fixed if switching to mobile preview and back to desktop

Expected behavior:

Normal non-looping “flow” in chart. Would show you if I was allowed to include more than one piece of media.

Actual behavior

Sankey chart that has a “flow” that loops out of frame since target is at same x-position:

Switching to mobile preview fixes this, and then it is also fixed fixed for desktop when switching back.

To reproduce (or link to chart/page which demonstrates the issue)
Make a Sankey chart with the similar flows and targets as the example. Mine are

Rettargang (from) Rettargang (to) Rettargang (weight)
Tingrett Lagmannsrett 32
Lagmannsrett Dømt 21
Høgsterett Dømt 2
Lagmannsrett Høgsterett 2
Tingrett Dømt 4
Lagmannsrett Frifunnen 9
Tingrett Frifunnen 4
Høgsterett Frifunnen 0

This was performed on Firefox: Version124.0.2, Build ID 20240401114208; on macOS: 14.4.1 (23E224)