Subscript and superscript on Chart titles and axes?

Is it possible to get subscript and superscript in chart titles and other text components like axes etc?

If so how do you go about it?

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Hi Tim,

The best way is to format the text into super/subscript in an editing program such as Word, then copy the text into the text fields on the chart plot area.

Like this:


OK - thanks - I have also spotted that it looks like I can use html for these?
Is that correct?

It looks like I can use html in the main title but not in the axes titles? Is that correct?

but thanks for the pasting from word - that has worked in the axes titles

Hi, that’s true. If you wish to insert arbitrary HTML, you can do so in the Advanced Editor:

Moreover, the axis titles should support HTML as well. Just ensure the useHTML is set to On. It should normally be so.

We have created a ticket to add in buttons for sub- and superscript to the Basic editors.

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