Chart image download time-out

When clicking on the option to download a chart image, the waiting process is too long, and there is no indication that the image is being processed. Often, this process times out, making it impossible to download the image.


Best Regards,
Riza Asset


Hello Riza

Nine times out of ten, this 504 gateway timeout I believe this is caused by our export server hanging up from a bad input that it might have received prior.

Other times this is directly related to the image you just attempted to export. If we receive an email of the issue, we urgently reboot the export server and can also verify that your chart is OK and should not timeout the export server.

I am not aware of any tentative deadlines to fix this.


Hello, I have also been experiencing difficulties downloading chart images. When I download as JPEG, the chart is cut off on the right hand side and misses off a good chunk of the x axis, and when I try to download it as a PNG instead, it just times out. I got this just now and I haven’t been able to successfully download a PNG at all


I have also been experiencing these timeouts.