Reverse engineer the everviz API

Any action done by your account in everviz can be done by sending an equivalent JSON request to our API, as long as you have the necessary permissions on your account or API key.

Our API is documented at, but it is not very up to date. A more recent quickstart guide also exist, in addition to some older API examples.

When our documentation is of no use, you can figure out what the app is doing by watching the network log. For example, you want to save a chart:


This gives you both the endpoint, cookies sent, and the request sent—which here has the signature:

    data: string,
    referenced: int,
    name: string

Sending an exact copy of this data in an authenticated request, should always yield the same effect. For the specially interested, applications such as Postman support monitoring your browser and picking any network requests for immediate replay.

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