How to integrate everviz with PxWeb and statistics agencies

We’ve created a small integration that serves as a middleware between a PxWeb endpoint, such as the Norwegian Statstics Bureau Databank, and everviz. Below you will see a chart facilitated by this:

I will note that this graph may only load sometimes. The software that runs the interaction with SSB is running on my own free plan at a service in the cloud, and I try to work out the kinks over time to make it fast and stable.

PxWeb is a service built by Statistics Sweden, and is used by national statistics agencies across the world. It serves data meant for programmatic access as JSON-Stat, and this is what we transform into something readable by everviz. This means that we also get support for most other services delivering data as JSON-Stat for free.

To use the service when it is running

We provide an endpoint:

Which takes a single query parameter


The fully qualified URL used by everviz is thus (and feel free to open and inspect it):

This link in the query parameter was generated by SSB’s Statbank, where we’ve first found a table that has data we’d like to publish. Such as Labour market and earnings / Earnings and labour costs / Earnings

Whereupon we select some data:


and click Show Table, which takes us to the table view, where we can save the specific query that got us here:


Save as JSON-stat 2 file. Once accepted, you are prompted to copy the link, which yu can insert into everviz

In everviz, import the live data as JSON Rows.


We do not guarantee support for usages related to this service. Everything is provided “as-is” with no uptime guarantees. Depending on interest, we do of course want to do more with this in the future.

More on Technical details on the everviz / PxWeb integration.

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