About the Release notes category

These are the quarterly release notes for everviz. Every time we update the app, the article for the current quarter is updated.

Each update we pull the latest changes from our development board and list them by the area (or domain) of the app it involves, in addition to whether it’s a bugfix, feature, or an improvement to existing things.

Most of these changes reference issues that have been reported by us, and you. If you have reported a ticket, we log your email, and will message you when the issue or request you reported has been completed.
I admit I forgot to think that some of you active reporters may have two of your issues closed at the same time, so sorry if you receive many emails from us, we will fix that.

In addition to browsing, you can also search for things in the (drumroll: search bar); and comment on these posts should you have any burning questions, or feedback to us about how we can improve these notes.

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