Changes in everviz for 2023 Q2

Hey! We’ve got wizards working round the clock to make our app better. They conjure up all these improvements from their magical workshop known as Github. And the best part? You’ll hear about these updates right away!

Release June 19th

Customer outreach

  • :rocket: New Feature, Public issue tracking – Users are notified when support tickets they have reported has been completed

  • :rocket: New Feature, Changelog – You’re reading it


  • :rocket: New Feature, Users can not delete tags
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Improvement Add filter by authors
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Improvement, Added an option to disable animation for layouts
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Improvement, Enhancement/create new route for deleting tags
    • #1254
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Improvement, Redesigned Roles page
    • #1214
  • :bug: Fix, Missing sidemenu icons on Safari
    • #1308
  • :bug: Fix, Charts suddenly changed the look and feel, reverted to old style
  • :bug: Fix, Sometimes themes would not revert properly
  • :bug: Fix, Scrolling the web page would instead zoom the chart
  • :bug: Fix, Remove unused assets such as the everviz font
    • #1282
  • :bug: Fix, Improved tag system
    • #1248
  • :bug: Fix, UI glitch in Firefox with new sidebar
    • #1273
  • :bug: Fix, Some options in advanced would not show any change
  • :bug: Fix, Fixed file inject script loading functionality
  • :bug: Fix, Changed components to import svg
    • #1222
  • :bug: Fix, Bugfix/bubble map shows coloured regions
  • :bug: Fix, Bugfix/Changing advanced font-family breaks chart
    • #1238
  • :bug: Fix, App crash when saving company theme
  • :bug: Fix, Fixed richtext
  • :bug: Fix, Bugfix/checkout editor loading invalid data


  • :bug: Fix, Bug fix for changing individual series data label style prop


  • :bug: Fix, Fixed connecting google sheet data
    • #1294


  • :bug: Fix, Tooltip rich text editor drops bullet color

Hello all, this is our first changelog. It is automatically generated from the work that our developers do. We will work to make titles like “Remove unused assets” more friendly for you to read as we continue to evolve this. Let us know about any thoughts you have!