Formatting numbers on y-axis

I have a question about the formatting of the numbers. I would like to write a thousand as 1.000. But five hundred not as 0.500 but as 500 (and zero not 0.000 but 0). How do I do that?

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Hi Caroline, great post! It looks like everviz is reading your numbers as decimals (1.5, 0.5, and so on)

Do you have periods (.) in your data sheet? I advise removing them if so.

Let me know how it goes!

The following article might be relevant:

I import a csv file, in the source are periods. Everviz is not showing correct until I remove the periods from the data. Afterwards I added the periods again via x-axes field:

Is that the right way to do it?

That is indeed correct. Wonderful!

Oke but my first question is still there; I don’s want 500 and 0 written like 0.500 and 0.000. How do I make the exeption for them

Can you share a link to your chart?

Hello. From the shared chart the data sheet still includes periods. Otherwise this is the result you will get as the period is understood to mean decimal.

Ah, I removed the period in data in Everviz, that does not work. Now I removed it from excel file and imported csv file again. The notification of 0 and 500 is correct now. Thanks

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