How to remove day of week in tooltip, and apostrophe before year on Axis label


Is there a way to remove a)the day of the week in the tooltip so it just reads date, month, year.
Also, is there a way to format the labels on the horizontal access so they just say ‘May 23’ without the extra apostrophe?

Aha - have found the answer for first part, in Advanced>tooltip>X date format needs to say %d %B %Y.

Changing X axis labels to just May 23 not May '23 still eludes me!

I expect Advanced > Y Axis 1 > Labels > Format is where you want to look. You might have to rewrite the format code, so %b %y might get you most of the way:

    %a: Short weekday, like 'Mon'
    %A: Long weekday, like 'Monday'
    %d: Two digit day of the month, 01 to 31
    %e: Day of the month, 1 through 31
    %w: Day of the week, 0 through 6
    %b: Short month, like 'Jan'
    %B: Long month, like 'January'
    %m: Two digit month number, 01 through 12
    %y: Two digits year, like 09 for 2009
    %Y: Four digits year, like 2009
    %H: Two digits hours in 24h format, 00 through 23
    %k: Hours in 24h format, 0 through 23
    %I: Two digits hours in 12h format, 00 through 11
    %l: Hours in 12h format, 1 through 12
    %M: Two digits minutes, 00 through 59
    %p: Upper case AM or PM
    %P: Lower case AM or PM
    %S: Two digits seconds, 00 through 59
    %L: Milliseconds (naming from Ruby)

Thank you - but no that doesn’t change it

Can you please link the chart in question and I’ll have a look?

I hope this image is helpful:

with {value: %b %y}

That does it- thank you!