Axis labels display as format strings

We have several charts where the x-axis labels are set to {value:%b '%y}, but after they’re embedded, the raw string is displaying.
Here is a chart example:
Here is the chart embedded in CodePen:

They were fine up until today, so not sure if Highcharts had an update?

Confirmed and reproduced. I will report to Highcharts (done!)!

The thing that breaks the chart here is the ’ (apostrophe), which since today is preventing Highcharts from seeing this formatting value as something to be formatted. In other words, you might as well just’ve dropped the { and }.

As a result, a solution is to do: {value:%b} ’{value:%y}

.Highcharts Demo - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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Ah ok. I’ve changed the apostrophe to a tick mark instead and it’s working properly. Thank you, Martin!

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Yup, that’s also possible! But if you really wanted that apostrophe, you can have it your way. This might be our internal solution for this if are doing something about it before an official Highcharts release.