How to show both real numbers and the % in stacked charts

I’d like to have a stacked bar chart - percent - showing both the actual numbers and the percentage.
I.e have that info show in the tooltip, maybe. Any way to do that? Seems like I have to choose between either have the actual numbers, or the percentage…?

Hei, thanks for posting!

It’s not very intuitive, I must say.

In the tooltip editor, under Basic, click the dropdown and pick a value. Finally, to add it to the tooltip text, click the + just next to the dropdown itself.

I admit I’m showing the value in my screenshot. You probably want to to pick the formatted value, but do look around for yourself :slight_smile:

Wohoo, thanks so very much!! :smiley:
(somhow the font changed as well and got pretty large, but ahwell, can live w/that for now :stuck_out_tongue:)

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