Problem with Advanced menu items


Something is happening within the Advanced menu items. It seems that when you are going through the items, it’s picking up the information in the main folder before.



I’ve been experiencing the same issue! To work around it, I retype or re-select the setting and hit enter, and it usually captures it. Or I click on Basic and back to Advanced and it usually fixes itself.

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Thanks Sam,

I will try this until it gets fixed :slight_smile:

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Hi Sam and Kerry,

If I understand this correctly, the same example text appears in multiple fields.

So ideally, each field should have unique example text that reflects what that function does?

I am not sure what these things even do, e.g. what is good example text for Bar Multiple?

Any additional clarification would be great and will inform the dev ticket :grin:

Hi Mark,

So for instance, your screen shot should actually look like the following screenshot. The issue is, that it’s picking up text from other fields.

Hi Mark,

Do you know when this will get fixed? It’s not very friendly.


It looks like this has been fixed :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you!