Legend states menu aren't showing true styles under Advanced


This sort of goes with another issue that we have logged where the legend states aren’t labeled clearly in the Advanced settings.

The issue that I am logging here is that the items don’t match the styles that we have in place and changing them under Advanceddoesn’t do anything.

For example, our hover state is 14px, #BABABA, not bold. However the Advanced items are showing 12px, #000000, not bold. If I try changing it from 12px to say 20px, it changes the text to be 20px in the actual legend, but it still shows 12px under Advanced.

No chart example needed, issue happens with any chart created.


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Hi Kerry,

The legend colors should reflect the series colors defined in Basic customize > Appearance styles > Chart colors.

Here, in the standard everviz theme, red and blue are assigned to the two series and appear in the legend:


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the suggestions, but I am referring to the Legend States (hover, select, normal, etc.).

Hi Kerry,

Sorry about that. Yes, I understand now, and I recall previous discussions on this.

It seems like it works for me, as shown here:


The field title Text Styles, repeated three times, could be more descriptive.

Hi Mark,

Yes, it works but the actual style changes don’t show in the fields, so it looks like they aren’t updated. The green you chose doesn’t actually show up in the Advanced picker.

Yep, you are right.

A fix is on its way!



Looks like this has been fixed. :+1:

Thank you!