Scatterplot with multiple series and trendlines

We got the following question through support, and we thought it could be good to move it over to the forum in case anyone else is wondering the same:


I am trying to recreate the chart below in everviz, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to format the data appropriately. There are two series involved (scatterplots) each with a best fit line.


scatterplot1911×991 37.1 KB

I would appreciate any guidance you can offer. I currently have the data formatted as follows (with dummy values):

X_Red_Scatter Y_Red_Scatter Y_Red_Line X_Blue_Scatter Y_Blue_Scatter Y_Blue_Line
1 25 85 2 141 373
2 67 8464 4 53 7421
3 30 252 7 11 1431
4 49 667 8 46 1464

Column 1 needs to correspond with column 2 (red scatter) and column 3 (red line). Column 4 needs to correspond with column 5 (blue scatter) and column 6 (blue line). I have also tried doing it this way:

X_Scatter Y_Scatter Y_Line Series
1 25 85 Red
2 67 8464 Red
3 30 252 Red
4 49 667 Red
2 141 373 Blue
4 53 7421 Blue
7 11 1431 Blue
8 46 1464 Blue

Does Everviz have the capability to reproduce this chart? Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

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This is doable, but it will involve some advanced configuration as well as some custom code as this is a pretty complicated combo chart.

Here’s a preview of the final result:

If you want to go copy this chart your everviz account, you can open this link and hit save:

Steps involved creating this chart are shown below.

Step 1: Create the scatter chart

You should now see something like this:

Step 2: Correct the mapping of the different series

Disclaimer: This step may be a bit involved, but it’s required to overcome the complexity of the chart.

Go into the data view to see how data is mapped. You will see something like this:

Notice that all your series are connected to the categories in the first column(A) highlighted in red box.

Since you have the categories for the second scatter series and second line in Column D, we will have to do some changes to make this work. Your desired mapping will look like this:

This is doable, but requires some custom code:

Add the following to custom code:

Highcharts.merge(true, options, {
  data: {
    seriesMapping: [
        x: 0, //First serie mapped to column A
        y: 1
        x: 0, //Second serie mapped to column A
        y: 2
        x: 0,
        y: 3
        x: 3, //Third serie mapped to column D
        y: 4
        x: 3, //Fourth serie mapped to column D
        y: 5

Step 3: Convert into a combo chart

Next step is to convert the chart into a combo chart. In other words, we would like some of the series to appear as lines instead of a scatter

Goto Basic configuration. Under chart type specific. Change Series 2 and Series 5 into a line

Our knowledge base has more information on how to create a combination chart.

Note: There seems to be an issue currently that the lines are not appearing.
You can fix this in Advanced configuration by going to
Series 2 > Line width. Change to desired width
You will do the same with Series 5 which is the other line.

Last thing we need to do is to remove the series containing the second category from the chart.

Goto Advanced > Series 3
Set Visible to Off (unchecked)
And Show In Legend to Off (unchecked)

Hope this helps, and please comment if you have any further questions