Creating a point map with two sets of data & two map point colors

I’m in the process of creating a world map with data for two companies – Amazon and Microsoft. Essentially, I’m mapping where all their data center locations are for our readers (I’m an editor for ). I’m tripped up on how I can create two separate data “series” with different colors/labels for the map points in each series (orange for Amazon map points and Blue for Microsoft map points, etc.). I’m assuming I’ll need to go into Advanced features? But I’m not sure what steps to take. I’d also like the ability for readers to filter the map view so only Microsoft map points appear, only Amazon map points appear, or both appear. Is that filter capability possible? Thank you!


You could use category maps, but if you specifically need to have unique map points, for example in specific places inside a state boundary, you can change the marker, as describer in our article on adding custom markers

I have updated the article to include some premade icons:

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Thanks, @kluvin! Appreciate the help.

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