Ability to lock a chart?

Hi! We have a set of pre-made charts that we use as templates for our team. They know to duplicate the chart they want to use and modify the new copy. However, sometimes they accidentally overwrite the template since it can still be edited. I was wondering if it might be a helpful feature to give an admin the ability to lock certain charts (even just temporarily) to prevent that from happening? Thank you!


This is a great suggestion Sam. Thank you.
We have been considering implementation of a folder structure in everviz. Iā€™m wondering if we could address this particular scenario by introducing read-only access to charts within a folder. This approach would allow you to organize all your templates in a designated folder while granting read and write access to projects within that folder. Do you think this could help for your use case?

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Hi Havard!
If we kept our template charts in a read-only folder, would they still be able to duplicate the chart and then edit the new copy? If so, this solution should work for us!