Protecting confidential information in charts

One of our customers had this question related to protecting confidential information in charts.

It is repurposed here with their permission:

'Some of my charts contain data that must remain confidential until published. This means some everviz users on our staff cannot see the charts. It also means that everviz staff, who are admins, cannot see the charts.

What is the best way to achieve chart confidentiality during the chart creation process?’

To hide confidential charts from your staff

Subteams allows you to expose charts and chart data to select individuals in your team. Charts created in subteams are only visible for members of that subteam. Learn more about setting up subteams.

To hide confidential data from everviz staff

This is not possible right now. The data lives in our database un-encrypted. As long as we have access to the database (which we always will) we’ll have access to the data.

Very few everviz staff have access to the database where chart data can be viewed on our end. These are senior staff members and access is not granted to everviz employees in general. In addition, access to the database is locked behind a VPN. Senior staff who have this set up are mostly accessing the database to troubleshoot issues. We are also happy to sign an NDA to guarantee confidentiality and data security.