Applying themes to projects in a subteam

If I create or open a project that is located in a specific subteam, the themes don’t appear in the theme tab. If I want to update a theme on a chart or create a new chart with a theme, I always have to move it or start in the “All subteams”.

Is there a way to view all themes when in a specific subteam? If not, is this something you could look at fixing?


Hi Kerry,

At the moment themes must be sent to subteams.

To do this go to Themes and click the cog wheel for a chart specific theme. A dialogue box opens where you can select a destination subteam. Click Save and the theme will appear for all users who are part of the subteam.

The alternative to this is using company themes, which are visible automatically across all subteams.

Thanks for getting back to me Mark.

Our themes apply to all of our subteams, so this isn’t ideal for what I need. The company themes are a great idea, but they don’t provide near enough options.

Was just hoping there was a simpler way :slightly_smiling_face:


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We had a customer who used subteams for grouping of charts, but ended up moving over to tags for grouping after maintaining too many duplicate themes.

The subteam functionality was intended for distinguish individual branches of a buyer organization, for example, Sports and News sections of a news site, where charts have distinct appearances.

This decision has been confusing for many users, and it is something we’re looking at; one consideration is to adopt a folder philosophy, but we’re not commited to anything at this point.

We are happy to hear more about how you structure and organize your charts, so that we can make better decisions about this in the future.

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As you point out, the company themes editor has fewer design options than chart specific themes, which, as you know, have the full power of the everviz editor.

On the flipside, company themes apply to all project types and can be set to appear from step 1 of the project wizard, saving the user from applying a theme.

We are collecting feedback from company themes users related to desired features they would like to see in the company themes editor.

Perhaps if company themes had more design options you would be more inclined to use it?

Care to share which options are you missing in company themes?

p.s. Subteams are mainly meant to group people within an org, eg departments or teams. It’s not really ideal for grouping charts. What is your use case?

Strongly recommend using tags to organize charts instead of subteams to group charts, especially if you are using chart specific themes.

Thanks for reaching out about this :slight_smile:

Our themes are set up with every option we are able to implement (Accessibility, Marker styles, Options button, X-axis and Y-axis (title, gridline styles, etc.).

We also have different themes depending on the type of chart. For example, we use different colours for our line charts than we use for bar charts, but everything else remains the same.

The idea is that we don’t want to have to change anything, or barely anything, once the theme is applied.

It’s great that the company theme sets the colours, titles and captions, but it’s very limited and because of this, we still end up adding a “project theme” to our charts. So it’s not actually saving us time in the end.

As for using Subteams vs Tagging.

We are open to finding better ways for organizing our charts, but it’s a bit complicated.

All of our projects have specific numbers and titles associated with them, for example: 31279 EN/FR - HHR Maps Data and Titles. Within these projects there could be up to 70 charts (we always have both English and French charts) and named Fig01 to Fig04. The Fig01 might then have 10 charts associated with it (our provinces, 20 if you include both languages). The best way at keeping these organized was using Subteams and then adding tags (EN, FR, Fig01, Fig02 etc.) But even this isn’t great because you can only search using 1 tag at a time. Once you edited the chart and then went back to edit another, the tag would disappear and you would have to reapply the tag again.

It’s tricky because we have different layers of organization that is required. It might be easier if we showed you at the next meeting.



We’ll be very happy to hear. Looking forward to talking with yotu!

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for the detailed response. Really helps us understand your use case. And looking forward to hearing more in the meeting.

BTW searching is possible with multiple tags. Just select one at a time from the dropdown, like this:


Regarding Tags, I can’t filter my projects properly, as when I want to filter my projects by Year and Quarter, for example, it shows ALL Quarters.

It seems the issue is AND vs OR

when filer for projects using tag1 AND tag2 I get results for projects that have tag1 OR tag2 and I find it difficult to search this way

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I think - @kluvin can correct me here - searching with tag1 and tag2 will return charts with both those tags and charts with either of those tags.

Is it correct you would prefer that selecting tag1 and tag2 would only return charts with those two tags?

Maybe we need a call on this, Chris :slight_smile:

Also, we are tracking feedback on this on Trello. Feel free to comment there as well :slight_smile:

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correct, I think it gives greater control over what charts I want to filter. I’ll try to keep a close eye on Trello for this