Viewing options - list view, smaller thumbnails, grouping by project type

Is it possible to provide different view options for charts when working in Projects?

Issue: we have more than 300 charts and the current view options are limited in Everviz

Would it be possible to have these as options in the future?:

  • a list view of all charts (that displays the full title of chart)
  • smaller thumbnails so more than fifteen charts can display at a time
  • ability to group charts by project type (layout, map, chart)
  • a more precise page count (see image - the last few pages are blank)

Thank you!



Would it be reasonable in the first run if we:

  1. Show (say 30) charts at a time, rather than the current fifteen. I’ll mention that thumbnail size is not part of this equation, it’s simple a setting we have.
  2. Implement first a more strict search
  3. Fix the page counts

A list view is unfortunately unlikely to be prioritized any time soon.

Can you also tell me more about grouping charts by project type? I’m wondering whether you mean to group the results by their type, or allow searches for specific project types?

Hi Martin,

That sounds very reasonable for a first run :slight_smile:

Improving the search function will help immensely for now; having the ability to search with multiple tags is more of a priority

When I mentioned grouping charts by project type, I meant being able to filter through chart type (see green labels in screenshot); could this also be applied to optimizing the search function?

project type


This was the plan a long time ago, but for various reasons we did not proceed. I can bring the discussion up again!