All Data Not Showing Properly

I am making this chart

From this data

The data runs from 1994 to 2021 - however the chart is currently refusing to add data beyond 2018.

N.B. This has worked previously however we updated the data this morning and it is no longer working

Does anyone have any ideas what might have gone wrong?

Strange, it works for me:

We’ll have a closer look.


Looking at the preview options for the chart you shared. I can see:

 "xAxis": {
  "ceiling": 23.5,
  "reversed": false,
  "floor": 0.5,
  "type": "category",
  "minorTickInterval": "",
  "minRange": 1

I think the ceiling here is what’s preventing the last values to be shown. I don’t know how this happened or why Mark, when copying, got something else.

You can remove the relevant option be going through Advanced > X axis [0] and clicking the revert icon for the Ceiling

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Revert ceiling option is in the advanced customize menu here:


Good image, I actually went in and tried it, but the reset button did not actually reset the value to Auto. We will investigate. The alternative option is just to delete the value in Ceiling

Thanks so much for being super responsive - I had gone through and noted that and that it was set to Auto - presumed it was fine - have reset and now it works!
Thanks very much