Published Charts are Blank?

I am managing to design charts OK, but when I publish and get a link for them all the data is missing from the published version. e.g.

My data is held in google sheets and is public enough to be able to see it all when I am designing the chart.

Am I missing something really obvious here?
This is what it looks like in the designer


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Hi, we will investigate this. Seems related to live data. I should mention that the preview you’re looking at is not what will be embedded to your page, but rather, if you replace ‘share’ with ‘embed’ in the URL:

Thanks for letting us know about this!

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Just to let you know that this has happened on a whole load of share links but the embeds do seem to be OK:

EverViz Link

HI - any news on this - the share links are still not working for me
c.f. everviz


We’ve discussed internally, but unfortunately I am unable to comment about any current plans on aligning the share links with the embed link: everviz.