Changing name of chart/project within the chart editor doesn't currently then change name of the project after saving

Hi team, I’ve noticed that when I’m in the data editor and I change the name of the title at the top (

that once I’ve clicked Save or Publish, then go back to the main Projects page, that the title of the project/chart hasn’t been changed. When I then go back into edit the chart, the project name has returned to what it was previously. I can only currently change the name/title of projects on the Projects page and not in chart editor therefore. Has anyone else experienced this / is there a solution to editing a project name in the chart editor?

Hi, Amy!

Thanks for letting us know.

When trying to change the name of the title at the top, did you make sure to click this button (as shown in the picture) ?
Skjermbilde 2023-07-17 kl. 16.20.12
In my experience the title will not change unless I click this button after typing in the new title I want. Then I will save afterwards.

I hope this helped :blush:

Ah yep I’ve tried clicking that button explicitly rather than pressing Enter and that has worked! Many thanks!


I have noticed the same thing and shared your frustration, yet learned to live with it; nonetheless I will report this as an issue!


For those who - like me - prefer using the keyboard over the mouse, hitting the ENTER key to confirm the project title also works.

p.s. Here is more info about naming projects.