Chart view in layout feature - chart gets cut-off

When creating a layout project, the charts don’t display properly in the Everviz Editor. (i.e. the chart gets cut-off at the bottom, see below:)


Issue: When we add multiple charts, we’d like to be able to see the full chart in the editor because some charts are nearly identical.

Is this possible to fix?


This issue has seen some turmoil internally. Will follow up once people come back from vacation.


Hi Anna,

I noticed the donut chart you load in the gif has a few lines in the chart caption and wondered if that could be causing the chart to cut off.

I tested adding a chart with a similar sized caption. The whole pie chart showed, though it shinked to accommodate the caption, I think.


There is a max height of some 500 pixels which should not be present. The caption is therefore related, indeed.