Extra white space at the bottom of Layouts when using shorter charts

Hello everyone.

Is there any way to adjust the Layout, so that we can use Tabs Layouts to display charts that are not as tall, without having extra white space at the bottom?

I used padding at the bottom of this layout when creating it in EverViz, so it looks like it should only come up to the bottom of the chart but when I embed the Layout on our website there is still a bunch of white space, and the padding I used didn’t make any difference.

Hi, Sam, thanks for posting! Are you able to share a link to your chart for me to investigate?

If you share the app.everviz.com/edit/DDD… link with numbers, straight from the editor, you can be certain if that no one other than me can open the chart.

Otherwise, you can share any other link the layout if you wish!

Here it is kluvin. Thanks!



After drilling down I can see that at least one of your charts have a set height:

In an ideal world, layouts should account for this, but it unfortunately does not do so today. So this needs to be removed,

Compare the difference here, where one of the charts in the tabbed layout has a set height: https://app.everviz.com/share/PwJA-qnSE

edit I’m very interested to hear why the charts had a height set for 200? Maybe there is something we could do to make this problem and that choice more clear in the future.

Hey Kluvin, thanks for looking into this.

When I open the link you sent https://app.everviz.com/share/PwJA-qnSE on my phone or computer, I get this white screen when I click on it.


Wrong link, here’s the one: everviz

There doesn’t even seem to be a chart of that ID I gave you earlier, don’t know how I did that.