Dates on Axis/Bug on iOS

We’ve noticed a quirk when viewing charts on Apple phones where sometimes a date format is interpreted as “Jan '70” or something like that, where the year is completely off. To avoid that, we ask users to input their dates in the Data Panel as “2023-04-28” and that seems to do the trick. To clarify, I work at a U.S. company, so this format is YYYY-MM-DD.


We are aware of this and will need to improve our system that handles the reading and guessing the format of dates.
It is possible to describe the date format to everviz with custom code like:

Highcharts.merge(true, options, {
  data: {
    dateFormat: "DD/MM/YYYY"

everviz makes a best effort guess to determine the format of your dates; if the format is not clear, the decision is handed to the user’s browser. The browser is only required to handle
the internationally standardized format of dates specified by ISO 8601, which specifies the form you described: YYYY-MM-DD.

Outside of this, the browser is free to do what it wants, and this is where we will often find different behaviors.

Here’s a slightly related help article: Understanding Axes - Datetime