Grafics with a drop down menu are not visibel on our Website


we have integrated everviz graphics on our website with a drop-down menu. For the integration we use the script from everviz, and we had no issue until now. At the moment we see only the drop-down menu but not the cards below.

The issue is not with our CMS programm (back- and frontend). Is there a way to fix it?

Here is a link where you see the described problem: Weihnachtsessen: 23,4 Prozent mehr für den Kartoffelsalat - Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW)

Best regards

Hi, Fabian, thanks for chiming in here!

This is related a recent software upgrade which we have done, and we are currently investingating solutions.


Thanks for the fast reply. Have you any idea how long it will take?


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I’ll follow up with you as soon as I hear anything in our internal channels.

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Here’s an answer I am relaying on behalf of our CTO:


The problem is caused by an update to the Highcharts library we use to generate charts. A major patch was released on Wednesday that may be conflicting with a cached version of the library that is being loaded for some users.

Unfortunately for now, the solution is to clear your cache. This will remove any saved versions of Highcharts from your browser and load the new version from the Highcharts codebase. You can either wait for the cached version of Highcharts to invalidate on its own, or you can clear your browser cache by following along with this link: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

Just a note, this issue should not affect new users visiting your website.

To mitigate an issue like this in future, I will speak with our developers to come up with a solution that provides us with more control over the Highcharts versions that are loaded in the publish codes. However, due to the number of publish codes we currently have in production, this will require a bit more careful planning.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Med vennlig hilsen // With kind regards,

Martin Kleiven

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Hello Martin,

thanks for the fast reply and the solution. It is working, and the cards are visibly again.

Best Regards

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They are visible for us too now!
Thank you!

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