Outfit of all charts has changed suddenly by itself

Do you know why the outfit of our all charts and layouts have changed suddenly by itself? We haven’t done any changes by ourself. For example all the fonts have changed and names in legends have stricken through. We have about 160 different charts and it would be hard to modify them back manually.

So is there something we can do to restore original outfits?

The problem is caused by an update to the Highcharts library we use to generate charts. The latest version of which included some visual changes, and we picked these up automatically.

We will revert these changes back to how it was before!


Hi Martin,

I’m just wondering if you have an ETA on when the formatting of the chart styles will be reverted back?

Our tooltip borders are missing from 72 charts and I want to know if I have to go into each one and change them.


Thanks for asking!

We have a fix in place but decided to spend a bit more work to ensure it will be stable in the long term. I very much hope that this will go through fast, and is a head priority of mine to get through… I will comment in this post when the fix is out.

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Any progress with fixing and reverting charts back? We have still same problem that fonts and legends are not in that form we made them. And we have this with almost 150 charts…

Br, Johannes


Re. the image you sent us on email

There was some changes not checked in that wasn’t colored in the “revert back to old styles” from the vendor.

Can you let us know all the things that specifically changed?

I’m aware of the strikethrough on legends. You also mentioned the fonts and legends. What specifically changed in terms of these?



Thanks for your reply. Concerning fonts, there occurred changes especially in font sizes. For example sizes are different in data labels, tooltips, sources and inside menu icon. And regarding legends, the main problem is that names have been struck through, like you mentioned. That is not the way we would like to show our data.

Br, Johannes

Hi Martin,

We actually like this as it makes the legend items more accessible by not using colour alone. If you do revert back to “no strikethrough”. Can you make this an option to add in the advanced menu? Currently, we are also adding an underline in the custom code, to add on hover.