Updated charts have disappeared from website

I just updated 4 charts this morning by uploading .csv files. They appear fine on the Everviz site, but have disappeared completely from my website. Embed code is fine and all other charts are ok.

Does anyone have any idea why this has happened?

Hi Nordin,
I have the same problem but actually was good all morning and dissapear like an hour ago. I already change all the embed codes and nothing… :frowning:

We are in the same boat as well. We have maybe the first few charts on a page then the rest of them are gone or have the plot frame but nothing plotted.

Hi Jes,

I thought Yeiny mentioned this resolved itself, but I misread the post. :confused:

Hi Yeiny,

That’s not good - I misread your post and thought it resolved itself, but I see now you’re still affected. Hopefully Everviz will respond to this


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it appears that charts that are actively being edited are affected by this while charts that are not being opened or edited are fine. I have told my team to not open any charts in everviz that are published so they don’t reset themselves.

I don’t really know what happened. Everything was fine until I had to modify one of the embed links and when I updated the page I could not see any of them.

Email from Everviz:


Apologies about this, a bug occurred in our publish codes during one of our recent updates. I have just reverted this now, could I get you to republish your chart again so you can pick the correct version again please.

Kulbir Kainth

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Hi Nordin,
Just got the same email and I republish and change the embed code and its work now. Some of my colleagues have to erase the history from today to see it well, no sure why, hope the clients dont have to do it… Hope yours work too :crossed_fingers:


Yes, republished and all good now!