How to add your own logo to a chart

This post we’ll go over the steps for uploading your organization’s logo into everviz and adding it to a chart.

Note: A business or enterprise plan is required to upload your own logo.

Upload a logo

  • Log in and click Customize editor in the left-hand menu

  • Click + under Logo

  • Click Choose File and select the logo as a .jpeg or .png

  • Use the selector tool to select the borders

  • Give the logo a name and click Save

Add a logo to your chart

Note: Logos are currently only visible for the Layout and Tables project types. Add logos to single charts using the single element layout.

  • Create a layout project
  • Enter the layout editor and select the single element layout
  • Under Customize > Logo > Image and select your logo from the dropdown menu
  • Change the width percentage to reduce the size and position the logo using the padding controls

Give it a shot!