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Hello Kluvin, I am experiencing difficulties while attempting to create a chart using the data option (link data). I have diligently followed the instructions provided in the documentation (Live data - everviz Knowledge Base), but so far, I have not been successful.

I noticed that there are some errors occurring on the Everviz platform. For instance, when creating a chart with Link Data and inspecting the code, I observed that the data is formatted as follows:
data: {
“csvURL”: “
However, it seems that the platform is not configuring the “data” object correctly. After conducting tests locally with the code extracted from the Everviz platform and consulting the Highcharts documentation in the Live Data section, I realized that some configurations are missing in the “data” object. The correct configuration would be:
data: {
csvURL: ‘’,
dataRefreshRate: { label: ‘10 seconds’, value: ‘10’ },
enablePolling: true,
dateFormat: ‘dd/mm/YYYY’
Upon making these corrections, the chart functions as expected in my local environment. However, when I input this code into the Everviz platform and save it, all the configurations I applied are lost.

Could you assist me with this issue?

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Hello Eder, I recall we discussed this topic in our last meeting, after which I sent you an email following up the issue and the actions we’re taking on our end.

Your report is confirmed and reported. I can only ask for you patience until I hear more.

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Hello, Kluvin. Thank you very much. We are eagerly looking forward to the new features you are implementing. :wink:

Hello Kluvin, how are you?
Do you have any updates or is it on your roadmap to resolve the live data issue?

Happy 2024! Do we have any update/planning on this? Thanks a lot! Best Regards!

Hi Riza Team!

I have reported this internally. A support agent will be in touch soon.


Hello, Mark, how are you?
Do you have any updates on this topic?