Is it possible to turn off animation for charts in a layout to stop the charts reloading when you switch to a different tab?

We’re using a layout with two tabs of charts so that website users can switch between two versions of the same chart can easily note the key differences between the two. This works well for us but we have noticed when the layout is embedded in a website, switching tabs causes the chart to reload each time. These reload animations make it tricky to notice key differences between the charts and makes the process of switching between them less smooth.

I tried setting the animation times to 0 on the charts within the layout, but they still reload when embedded in a layout. Is there a way we can reduce or remove the animations from these charts so they don’t reload each time we switch tabs? They are both linked to Google sheets for their data which I understand may be affecting load times…

Thanks very much!


We are aware of this and have it on our backlog. Unfortunately, It’s not known to me when these improvements will be made.

On a hunch, if setting the animation the 0 does not work, perhaps try setting “Load chart on page load” to True. That will also skip the animation, but I’m not sure if this works on layouts as well.

Thanks Martin – I’ve tried ‘Load chart on page load’ toggled on and while it does stop the chart animating individually, it doesn’t prevent the charts animating when they’re in a layout. I’ve also tried switching off animation under Advanced > Chart > Animation and this doesn’t stop them animating when they’re in a layout.

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These two options have the same effect. “Load chart on page load” will disable the animation in Advanced as well.

It looks like we need an internal solution for this, then; an internal ticket has been created.


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thanks Martin! This is something we’re hoping to incorporate into our late June launch project, so if it’s not possible to prevent the animations by then we could change our layout type to another type that involves less reloading.