Legend rows and/or number of categories affect Context menu options > View in full screen


After a lot of troubleshooting, I came across an issue with the View in full screen under the Context menu and the legend and number of categories, which I have narrowed down.

It appears that the number of rows the legend falls on, and the number of categories there are, affects the height of the chart when viewing in full screen. I have created a JSFiddle page and have pasted links to the 4 testing charts.

Using the JSFiddle page

In each chart…

  1. Click Options
  2. Click View full screen

To sum up, the only chart that appears properly when viewing full screen is the first one (which has a legend with 1 row and less than 10 categories). If there are 10 or more categories and/or the legend falls on 2 rows, the full screen view looks squished (half the height of the desktop screen).

Full-screen—one-legend-row + 9 categories

Full-screen—one-legend-row + 10 categories

Full-screen—two-legend-row + 9 categories

Full-screen—two-legend-row + 10 categories

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Hi @Mark,

Do you need any further information on this topic? Just making sure it’s logged somewhere.


Hey Kerry,

Could this be related to the size of the monitor the reader is using?

I viewed this chart in full screen and all 10 categories are showing, as shown here:

My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1200.

Hi Mark,

All of the categories show, but the full screen view is only half the screen. See how you have black at the bottom of your screenshot?

Full screen working properly:

Full screen showing half the size:


I was wondering if there was any movement on this?

Hi @MarkMacdonald,

Can you please give me an update on this? I’m not sure if you understood my last message back in September.

Hi Kerry,

I passed this on to the support team. So we are investigating and will get back to you.


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