Is there a way to keep the coloured circle matching the series colour once you edit the tooltip?

We really like the way when you hover a data point with a tooltip, the colour of the circle within the tooltip changes to match the series you are looking at. But we’ve noticed that once you edit the formatting of a tooltip, e.g. changing the font, colour of the text, or even just adding a space after the circle, that the circle no longer changes colour and stays black.


Is there a way around this where we can edit the tooltip without losing the colour-changing of the circle? Or is there a way we can re-add this circle and it’s colour-matching ability if we happen to delete it? Thanks very much!

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We have a ticket up for doing this automatically.

You can get the color of the default tooltip, which references the point color, by:

<span style="color:{point.color}">● </span> {}

This must be added in Advanced.

This fix works great, thanks very much Martin!

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A permanent solution for this is now merged with the main branch of everviz and will be released very shortly!

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Hi Martin,

As an addon to this…
When I add pattern, the tooltip coloured dots come in properly with all of the colours, including the pattern. However, I find the dot quite small and have changed the size to be 24pt in my tooltip settings. Since changing the size, all of the dots change to black.

Will this also be fixed in this update?


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Not sure. I can follow up when it released. The change applies to modifications done in the rich text editor, which is opened by clicking the pen in the tooltip field, in Basic.


Unfortunately, it looks like this wasn’t fixed with the update :frowning:

I have created a test chart…

Hi Kerry,

Seems to work for me. Here is what I see:


Same here!

<span style="color:{point.color}; font-size: 36px">●</span> {}: <b>{point.y}</b>

Okay, thank you both.

It doesn’t seem to like it when I apply my theme. I will keep trying.

It looks like, if you make a change to the Tool tip > Header It stops working?

Looks like the value set in Basic options is conflicting with and overriding Advanced, somehow overriding it. Looks like a distinct issue, as per my fix which relates directly to the rich text editor.

Are you changing the tooltip originally set in advanced through Basic?

From what I can see, the minute I edit the Header under Basic, it stops working.

Hi Kerry, I tested this and it seems to be working on my end. Are you still experiencing issues?

Hi Mark,

This is still not working. If you open this chart and hover over the columns with pattern, you can see that the dot shows with a pattern. The minute you try to edit the tooltip under Basic > Tooltip it changes the dots to black.

Thanks for sharing. I see the same and created a new ticket for the dev team.