Is there a way to keep the coloured circle matching the series colour once you edit the tooltip?

We really like the way when you hover a data point with a tooltip, the colour of the circle within the tooltip changes to match the series you are looking at. But we’ve noticed that once you edit the formatting of a tooltip, e.g. changing the font, colour of the text, or even just adding a space after the circle, that the circle no longer changes colour and stays black.


Is there a way around this where we can edit the tooltip without losing the colour-changing of the circle? Or is there a way we can re-add this circle and it’s colour-matching ability if we happen to delete it? Thanks very much!

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We have a ticket up for doing this automatically.

You can get the color of the default tooltip, which references the point color, by:

<span style="color:{point.color}">● </span> {}

This must be added in Advanced.

This fix works great, thanks very much Martin!