Maps of the same custom size without a layout aren't displaying as the right side, and changes to maps aren't coming through to layouts in preview

Hi, we’ve having trouble with using maps in layouts as when we set a custom height, the height only displays for one of the maps in the layout, despite both having that custom height set. Example here:

Do you know why this is and how we can fix it? I’ve also noticed that edits to maps aren’t then showing up in the preview of a layout straightaway, which means I can’t test fixes to this without embedding the layout somewhere and checking it there.

Hi Amy,

When inspecting this, it seems like the bottom-left chart does not have a height set, but the above chart does.

Maybe you’ve changed this since the post was first created?

We are aware of the charts not updating immediately, and that was the original intent. We have some discussion these days on modifying this either allow you to pick up the change, or apply any changes automatically.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for this – the chart linked above (1) is a different map (this is the map in the image:, I had removed the chart title from the example images as we don’t want these charts with any identifiable data or titlesto be public or findable in a public forum until we are due to publish), but they are both displaying at the set height properly now. I think it must have been a delay from the maps not updating immediately, but I’m not sure why it affected one chart and not the other when it was embedded on a webpage.

It would be great to be able to include recent changes to maps/other charts once they’re included in layouts, or apply the changes automatically, as there if often quite a lot of adjusting to original charts when building layouts and it’s difficult to know what these will look like if the changes take a very long time to come through. Thanks!

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Thank for the clarification, I’ll get back to you promptly!

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