Missing Control Type for Elements Under Download Menu


Expected Behavior: The elements under the download menu should have a proper control type defined, either as a button or a link.

Actual Behavior: The following elements under the download menu do not have a proper control type defined:

  1. Download PNG image
  2. Download JPEG image
  3. Download PDF document
  4. Download CSV
  5. Download XLS

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the Tables product.
  2. Access the download menu.
  3. Observe the elements listed and their missing control types.

Additional Information:

  • WCAG Guideline: 4.1.2 - Level A
  • Component: Markup
  • Issue Type: Type 1

Suggested Fix: The control type of the listed elements should be specified properly. Depending on their functionality, they should be defined either as buttons or links.

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