Missing Tab focus on specific elements


Issue Title: Missing Tab focus on specific elements

Expected Behavior: All interactive elements on the page should receive keyboard Tab focus, ensuring full keyboard accessibility.

Actual Behavior: While navigating the page using the Tab keys, the following elements are not receiving Tab focus:

  1. Download Menu
  2. Download Options:
  • PNG image
  • JPEG image
  • PDF document
  • CSV
  • XLS

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the Tables product.
  2. Use the Tab key to navigate through the interactive elements on the page.
  3. Observe that the mentioned elements do not receive focus.

Additional Information:

  • WCAG Guideline: 2.1.1 - Level A
  • Component: Keyboard
  • Issue Type: Type 1

Suggested Fix: All the interactive elements should be made focusable using the tabindex="0" attribute in the respective tags.

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