Select state on pie/donut charts

I am in the process of creating themes for pie and donut charts.

I’m not sure is this is a bug or not, but 2 things are happening under Select state

  1. First, I have to set the Border Width to a negative value otherwise it appears as a dash.

  2. I don’t have the select option enabled. It works the way I want it to by highlighting a thicker black border and expanding the pie slice. However, when I save it as a png or PDF, it takes on the properties of the Select state, even though Enabled is set to Off.

Here is a my chart that I am testing on


Thanks for a solid issue description, I have attached this to our internal development board.

I will try to remember to let you know as soon as this is done. We are working on strategies to simplify this process!

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I think this has been fixed. Can you please confirm?