Sorting data table (chartMenu > View data table)


Currently there is no indication that the data table is sortable or how it’s sorted.

Generally, interactive elements should change the cursor to the pointer icon (like in the legend) or continue to use the default icon (the table currently uses the text icon). Additionally a tooltip could be helpful. Beyond this, sortable tables generally display a sort direction arrow in the column being sorted (up for ascending, down for descending)

Note: Keyboard cannot be used to sort the data table (would be helpful for accessibility).

Default mouse cursor (pointer icon)


Text mouse cursor (text icon)


Example of it with triangle icon

You can try it with any chart.


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Hi Kerry,

Agree, the cursor should change for interactive elements. The text cursor is not ideal. I will pass on this good feedback internally.

It seems clicking the header row, the row with the categories and series names, sorts the categories alphabetically or reverse alphabetically.

Internal ref. #1532

Hi Mark,

Thank you. Yes, if it is a column that has text, it sorts it alphabetically. If it is a column that contains numbers, it sorts it from highest to lowest and vice versa. Ideally though, there would be some sort of indication (for example with the arrows) that these columns are sortable.