Webinar on latest updates / cool features

Hello, is there some form of webinar/call that people can dial in and hear about the latest features and ask questions? I think this would be really useful. Thanks

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Hi Mike! Thanks for posting, good question, you are very welcome!

Our Customer Success Manager @Mark runs training sessions for new and scaling customers, and demos evaluating customers. I will make sure he gets in touch with you when he is back from vacation later this week.

To answer your question, we’ve been discussing this idea of having webinars or demos for a wider audience where people can simply just tune in. You just did us a favor and validated that there is some interest for this!

There is no current plans for such, but I will air the idea that we could try to do a test run of a webinar in the short term.

edit: just noticed that you are indeed a familar customer, even if we haven’t greeted before! I think the point above stands and I’ll loop Mark in here when he’s back.

Would you like to tell me more about how you use everviz and what you might like to see covered? I am happy to set up a call with where we can discuss this!

Hi Mike and nice to hear from you.

No, we do not offer webinars - for this or any other purpose - though it’s a nice idea and one we will discuss internally.

Instead, we present info about new features / bug fixes / other improvements in different places online and in the app.

The everviz forum

A round up of app updates periodically appears on the everviz forum.

The release notes

Lives in the forum as the Release Notes category. It is directly connected to our internal development tool, every update to the app and all its constitutent changes is listed here.

In-app notification

Major announcements and features are also described in the in app announcement system.


The everviz blog

For larger features, such as the recently-released company themes, we write blog posts to explain the value to users.

Got milk … errr …feature ideas?

Finally, we also try to map current dev work on our product suggestions board. This is also a place for giving feedback on things that matter to you by voting, commenting etc. on cards.

Otherwise, as Martin mentions, I am always available for a quick call and can be reached anytime here or at mark@everviz.com.

So what are we doing now?

At the moment, we are focusing on further stabilizing the app in order to improve upon the user experience. Think small, key improvements constantly being deployed to increase usability.