Choropleth map — ability to add more than one data series


Is it possible to add more than one “series” in a choropleth map? Or at the very least have the “Extras” and “Label” show in the data table?

The issue right now is, we cannot use the “View data table” or “Download XLS” options in our maps because it’s missing the extra points we have added in the Tooltip and is no longer considered the “Accessible version”.

  1. We want to be able to have more than one series in our maps, much like we do a regular column or line chart.
  2. We were able to cheat and add extra data by using the “Extras” and “Label” as series.
  3. This allowed us to have those extra points in the Tooltip, however they don’t show in the data table. Therefore, we couldn’t use the table as an accessible version.
  4. At the very least, it would be great if we could get those “Extras” and “Label” to show in the data table, much like you have for Annotations.
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Hi Kerry,

And thanks for reporting. The issue where values assigned to Label and Extra has been reported. Internal reference #1429.

I think the issue of not being able to add additional series to maps is a separate issue and will be reported as such.

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This is currently in testing!

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