Issues with tooltip when hovering over series on grouped bubble chart

Hovering over an individual bubble works as intended, displaying the ● {key}: {y}%.

However, when I hover over the grouped series bubble, because the series have no key or y values, only the ● : % is displayed, which looks like a mistake.

I understand that each series does not have the data required to populate this information, but am looking for a solution to avoid this rendering issue.

Is it possible to hide the tooltip, only when hovering over the series groups? Or possibly to manually enter a key and y value for each series?

Chart Link

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Hello Tara,

I have summarized this concern as a feature request to enable conditional formatting on the tooltip.

You could, with custom code, define your own tooltip formatter which can be given context of what values are available, and then rendering differently based on that.

Thanks so much Martin!