Trick for importing data into everviz

Copy/paste is one of the easiest ways of bringing data into everviz. But sometimes you only want to copy specific rows while still copying the column titles.

The everviz data grid supports this.

Here’s how:

  • While holding the SHIFT key select the first cell and click the last cell in the range

  • Release SHIFT and press CTRL while clicking the column titles

  • Type CTRL+ C and, in step 2 of the project wizard, paste your data into the datagrid.


Give it a shot!

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Hey Mark,

I’ve been using Everviz since 2021, but since the update to the editor have been having issues with copy+paste functionality.

When we try to update our existing data using this method, the datagrid repeats our data once it gets to the final data point which causes errors in what is being displayed (such as the timestamps on our charts).

Any idea how we can avoid this data repetition when copying and pasting into the datagrid?

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Hi Jen,

Are you able to share with us a video demonstrating you copy pasting some values and reproducing the issue? If not, I am happy to set up a quick meeting where we can reproduce it together.


Hi Jen,

Do you want to retain the old data? If not, I suggest clearing the data grid - CTRL+A and DELETE - then pasting in the new data.

Does that help?

Absolutely - thanks Mark!

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