Unable to Change Color of Segment of Text

I’m trying to color just a portion of text, whether it’s under Title or under Tooltip, but it won’t let me. Below is a video of what happens when I try to change a portion of text to a different color (under Title). However, for the Tooltip, everviz just crashes when I try to change color. I also tried bolding in the Tooltip and it won’t keep the formatting.

Hi Sam, I can reproduce the tooltip problem but nothing else.

Can you state more precisely how to break the title? It seems the issues may reproduce only occasionally.

Hi Martin,
The issue only seems to happen if you type in a hex value. When you use the color selector, it works correctly. Steps to reproduce:
Under Title, enter text (ex. This is a chart title).
Click on pencil to edit.
Highlight one word of your title text.
Click color dot.
Type in hex value (ex. #018383) and hit enter.
It recolors the entire title instead of the word I originally highlighted.

Hi Martin,
Separate but related, I’m unable to select and copy a hex value from the Appearance styles. When I try to highlight the hex value to copy, it’s dragging the dots behind and accidentally changes colors. Here’s a recording…

Hi Sam, both issues have been reported


Hi Martin

I’m experiencing the same issue when entering HEX values and hitting return.

I would be very keen on knowing when the issue is resolved.