Truncated graph annotation labels on mobile

Looking for some advice on annotations.

When presenting in mobile view, the ‘annotation’ text are truncated and presented at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot) - however they are presented as numbers rather than as the text. Any idea how to fix this?

Also - how do I get the annotations to not overlap with other data points (i.e. third annotation across overlaps with the line)


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Hello Joe, Welcome to- and thanks for posting in the forum!

Could you please share the /share URL? I am specifically interested in the part after share/

We’ll investigate as soon as that’s in our hands!


Hi Martin,

Of course, here’s the URL. It seems to be working fine in desktop (although one appears over the line I’ve created), in mobile view I seem to be losing them.

Many thanks,

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Looks like and issue we have #1194

The issue states this only happens with iframes, for example in the share page. If you can see that problem persists when the chart is published we will review the issue more urgently.


Thanks Martin,

I have ‘published’ the graph, and the issue still appears in mobile view. Perhaps it’ll resolve once we publish onto our website though?

FWIW, we are experiencing the same issue on the mobile view of this chart when it is embedded in our publication.